Stop emails from Yahoo Groups

Getting spammed by a Yahoo group? There are a few different ways that you can keep unwanted Yahoo Groups emails from making it to your inbox.

Adjust your membership's email settings

If you enjoy being a member of a group, but not the number of emails you're getting, you can adjust your email delivery options so that you're only receiving important updates, or even stop receiving email altogether.

Leave or unsubscribe from a group

If you joined a group but found it wasn't the right fit, you can always unsubscribe or leave the group.

Still getting emailed after unsubscribing?

Unsubscribing can be a bit tricky sometimes. If you're still getting emailed even after you think you've left a group, you may just need to finish unsubscribing from the group.

  Check with the group's leaders! - Group owners and moderators have the ability to police spam and even stop it before it starts. If you're seeing a lot of it, let them know. Learn how reach out using our help article about contacting group owners and moderators.