Problems signing in to your Yahoo account

You have important things to do in your Yahoo account, so let's get you back in! Here are solutions for fixing the most common account access issues.

Most common sign-in problems

I forgot my password

The Sign-in Helper is the king of password troubleshooters. Enter your Yahoo ID and select your password recovery method to regain access in minutes.

If you've already tried this without success, see the "Problems using the Sign-in Helper" section below.

I forgot my Yahoo ID

The Sign-in Helper does more than just reset passwords. Enter the mobile number or alternate email address associated with your account and we'll send you a message to refresh your memory.

I think someone else is using my account

If you think someone else learned (or changed) your password without your consent, use our Sign-in Helper to reset your password immediately.

After you create a new password, review our steps to secure a hacked account to review your account's settings for changes.

"Invalid ID or Password" message

This error message means that the password and Yahoo ID combination you entered doesn't match what we have on record.

If you're sure that you're entering the correct sign-in information, consider the following:

“Caps Lock” or "Num Lock" keys - If your password contains numbers or upper-case letters, make sure these two keys on your keyboard haven't accidentally been pressed. 

Browser auto-fill settings - If your browser usually remembers your password, but you've recently changed it, you'll need to enter your new password manually to override your browser settings.

If you're sure that you're entering the correct information, change your password immediately using the Sign-in Helper since this can be one of the signs that someone else accessed your account and changed your password.

Once you've regained access, review our steps to secure a hacked account to undo any changes made without your knowledge.

"First time signing in here?" message

Whenever you try to sign in to your account from a device that we haven't seen you use before, we'll ask you to enter an Account Key (sent to your phone or email) to verify that it's really you trying to access your account.

If the verification information displayed for your account is out-of-date, go to the "Problems using the Sign-in Helper" section of this help article and review the steps under "My account recovery information is incorrect."

"Account Locked" message

To protect your account, a temporary lock is triggered anytime there have been too many unsuccessful attempts to sign in.

The lock will be lifted automatically after 12 hours, but you can always regain access to your account immediately using the Sign-in Helper.

The sign-in screen loops or reloads

If you're caught in a loop where the sign-in screen continues to appear after you click "Sign in," you'll need to reset the "sign in" cookie.

  1. From the Sign-in page, click Sign in as a different user.
  2. Enter your Yahoo ID and Password, then click Sign in.

If that doesn't fix the problem, these steps can also help you sign in:

  1. Clear your browser's cookies.
  2. Close and re-open your browser, then try signing in again.
  3. If you're having trouble signing directly into a Yahoo Mail or a different product page, try signing in to the primary Yahoo login page.
  4. Complete these steps again using a different supported browser.

I'm using the right password and Yahoo ID, but I still can't sign in

If you've followed the guidance in the "Invalid ID or Password" section of this article and still can't sign in, try signing in using a different supported browser.

If you can sign in, the problem lies with your browser and not your account. To fix the problem in your preferred browser, use our steps to fix problems with Yahoo not working properly.

Problems using Sign-in Helper

My account recovery information is incorrect

We take your account's privacy and security very seriously, and we'll only let you reclaim an account if you can prove you're the rightful owner.

When you register for an account, it's up to you to provide the most up-to-date and valid recovery info. Your best option to avoid losing access is to update your recovery info if you get a new phone number or change your alternate email address.

 Sign-in Helper says my password can't be reset online - To protect the security of your account, if you weren't successful with Yahoo Sign-in Helper or with the other options above, you likely won't be able to recover your account. If you remember your sign-in information later, you can come back and try again.