Overview of the Yahoo Mail app for Android

With the Yahoo Mail app it’s never been faster or easier to manage all your mail in one place. Now you can add multiple mailboxes, search them all at once, then filter your results by photos, files, or conversations.

Your inbox

Fast and intuitive. Your Yahoo Mail inbox offers a robust set of features a tap away.

Switch between connected mailboxes

In the Yahoo Mail app, it’s easy to switch between mailboxes. For connected mailboxes, just tap the Menu icon Image of the Sidebar menu icon., then tap the mailbox you want to switch to. You can easily add mailboxes from this menu.

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Switch between Yahoo accounts

You can have more than one Yahoo account in the Yahoo Mail app. To switch between accounts, tap the Menu icon Image of the Sidebar menu icon., then tap the Yahoo Account you want to switch to. You can also add another Yahoo account from this menu.

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One tap organization

Staying organized should be simple and intuitive. The Yahoo Mail app gives you the option to delete or mark emails with just a swipe. Tap and hold an email to enable bulk actions on your message list. Tappable stars in your message list make it easy to mark what's important without having to open the email.

Customizable swipe actions

Set the left and right swipe actions in the Yahoo Mail app. You can choose between multiple functions including, archive, mark as spam, star, and move to.


Your contacts are as unique as you are. We’ve added Avatars to Yahoo Mail to make it easy to see who your email is from. Yahoo Mail automatically pulls profile pictures for your contacts from your address book, and linked social media profiles. You can even tap an Avatar to see a detailed contact card with detailed info pulled from your phone's contact app!


Customize the look of your inbox with simple themes in the Yahoo Mail app.

Folder management

Folders and subfolders can be managed in the Yahoo Mail app. Learn more about how to add, delete, or rename subfolders.

Smarter search

Don’t spend time scrolling through your inbox. Find what you need fast in the Yahoo Mail app. You can search for your most important things by a name or keyword, across all your accounts at once. Then sort your results by photos, email, or files all with a tap.

Search isn't limited to your inbox, you can search individual folders as well.

Learn more about search in the Yahoo Mail app.

Compose stunning emails

The Yahoo Mail app makes it easy to compose beautiful, personalized emails to share your ideas with the world.


Yahoo Mail will auto-suggest contacts when you begin typing in the To:line.

Attach files

It’s easy to attach files Image of the Attach document icon., or photos Image of the Attach image icon. and videos Image of the Attach video icon. inline to create stunning, content rich emails. If you don’t want to include them in the email body, it’s just a tap to collapse them.

Learn how adding attachments can help you create stunning emails with the Yahoo Mail app!

Self addressed email

"Me" mail is an easy way to save notes and reminders. Simply tap and hold the Compose button Image of the Compose Icon. to open an email automatically addressed to yourself.

Smart Views

With just a tap you’ll have access to the types of email you want without having to search. Smart views separate your emails by the most common message types including:

  • People
Image of the People Smart View icon.
  • Social
Image of the Social Smart View icon.
  • Travel
Image of the Travel Smart View icon.
  • Shopping
Image of the Shopping Smart View icon.
  • Finance
Image of the Finance Smart View icon.

Learn more about staying organized with Smart Views. If you don't want to use Smart Views, you can collapse the Smart View menu.

Yahoo News

Check out the latest news right from the Yahoo Mail app. You can scroll through the latest stories, share them to your favorite social media sites, fine tune your content preferences, or save stories for later.

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