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My closed account is still sending spam

Once a Yahoo Mail account is closed, it's not able to send mail but in some cases, can still appear like it's sending spam. If you have a closed account that seems to be spamming, email spoofing is the cause.

What is email spoofing?

Spoofed email appears to be sent from your email address, but it's really being sent from another email account. Email providers can't prevent their names from being spoofed, but if people are getting emails from your closed email address, you can report it.

Report a spoofed email

  1. Ask the person who received the spoofed email to forward it to you.
  2. View the full header of the email.
  3. From the last "Received" line of the full header, note the originating IP address. This IP address belongs to the sender's internet service provider (ISP).
  4. Run an IP lookup through a site like to see which ISP provides the sender with Internet access.
  5. Contact the sender's ISP to report the email you think was spoofed.