Get started in the new Yahoo Messenger

The new version of Yahoo Messenger is redesigned with brand-new features. You can share photos instantly, send animated GIFs, and even unsend messages. It's available for Android, iPhone, desktop, and on the web via your browser.

Old versions of Yahoo Messenger are no longer supported. To continue using Yahoo Messenger, please upgrade to the newest version:

Frequently asked questions

What are the new features?

  • Enhanced photo sharing - Now you can share lots of high-resolution photos at once, and swipe to view them in a photo carousel.
  • Unsend - Regret something? Simply tap it and select "Unsend" to remove it from the conversation.
  • Likes - Tap on a message or photo to let the sender know you like it.
  • Animated GIFs - Express yourself with animated GIFs from Tumblr (available on Android, iOS and web).
  • Offline and low connectivity mode - Anything you share will be posted once you're back online.

How do I sign in?

You can still sign in with your existing Yahoo ID. If you sign in to Yahoo Messenger with a non-Yahoo ID, you'll need to create a new Yahoo account.

Why is Yahoo Messenger asking me to confirm my profile?

The first time you use the new Yahoo Messenger, you'll be asked to confirm your name, contact information, and profile picture. Your name and profile picture are visible to anyone who searches for you. Your email address and phone number are private – nobody else will see them. However, friends can search for you via phone number or email address if they have that information in their contacts. You can always keep your profile information private if you'd prefer, which will prevent anyone from finding you on Yahoo Messenger.

Where's my buddy list?

Yahoo Messenger now puts your conversations front and center. To see your contacts, click the Compose icon Image for the compose new message icon. and start typing a name to filter and find the contact you're looking for. Learn more about viewing your contacts.

How can I tell if someone is online or not?

Right now, there's no presence indicator that shows when your contacts are online. However, you can now message anyone, even if they're offline. They'll receive a mobile notification with your message. Think of it like text messaging!

What do I need to know about installing the new Yahoo Messenger desktop application?

Once you install the new Yahoo Messenger desktop application, make sure to delete the legacy application from your computer if you have it installed. You should also do this if you’re a Windows user who received an automatic update of Yahoo Messenger.

Important things to know:

  • Uninstalling the legacy Yahoo Messenger desktop application will remove data associated with it from your computer, including conversations you’ve saved. If you upgraded from an older version of Yahoo Messenger and are looking for your old conversations, you can find them in the conversation archive tool.
  • Removing the legacy desktop application from your computer won’t delete or close your Yahoo Messenger account. If you don’t install the new desktop application, you can still access Yahoo Messenger using the new iOS or Android mobile app and at in your web browser.

Can I use Yahoo Messenger with 3rd party messaging apps?

No. The new version of Yahoo Messenger doesn't work with 3rd party clients, like Trillian and Pidgin.

Can I still use older versions of Yahoo Messenger?

Old versions of Yahoo Messenger are no longer supported. To continue using Messenger, use the new version for web, desktop, iOS, or Android.